Limit bandwidth

|   Linux/UNIX | LinuxShell

Limit bandwidth usage by wget or rsync

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document ready without jQuery

|   JavaScript | JavaScript

Document ready function with plain javascript

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Close site - open popup

|   JavaScript | JavaScriptjQueryPopup

Open popup if user close site

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Fixed image for facebook

|   HTML | FacebookHTMLHEAD

Set a binding image in case that someone else wants to link your site or article on facebook

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Scale iFrame


Magnify a iframe element

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Cover flash

|   CSS/SASS | CSSFlash

Overlay flash elements with other containers (e.g. dropdown navigation)

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Remove dotted border around links


No outline border on focus

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Transparent background in IE7

|   CSS/SASS | CSSIE7Internet Explorer

Get transparent background in Internet Explorer 7

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Select element by attribute value


Selector for an element with a specific attribute value

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Dump a specific database table

|   SQL | DatabaseSQLMySQL

Get a backup of a specific database table

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